Proform 141-261 Orange Tall Valve Covers LS1 w/ Coil Brackets & MSD 8.5mm Wires

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Valve Cover Set
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    This bundle kit matches the wildly popular Slant-Edge Valve Covers for the LS Engines (Such as the LS1/LS6, LS3, LS2, LS7, and all other engines EXCEPT the 1997-98 perimeter bolt heads) with the matching Coil Relocation Brackets and MSD Superconductor Wires.

    Please note! The coil brackets in this kit are for use with the LS1/LS6 Style Coils. If unsure which ones you have, please see Coil ID Photo.


    This bundle includes:

    Proform 141-261 Orange Valve Cover Set

    Proform 69520 Coil Brackets for LS1/LS6 Coils

    MSD 39849 8.5mm Superconductor Spark Plug Wire Set with Heat Sleeves

    Valve Covers

    Through innovative engineering, PROFORM has developed a valve cover that will take your generic looking stock LS engine, and give it a totally personalized look. These new valve covers are taller than stock valve covers, and can accommodate a wide variety of large valve train applications. These valve covers are available in 5 different styles, which include raised and recessed emblems. Unique mounting studs, and oil restricting baffles are included. Threaded mounting holes for Integrated Ignition Coil Bracket included. The passenger side valve cover has an oil filler hole. Sold in pairs.

    NOTE: You will need to purchase rubber gaskets for these valve covers separately. We recommend Fel-Pro part no. VS 50504 R. Internal Clearance note. The following rocker configurations will require the valve cover to be slightly modified: Jesel part numbers: KSS-317070, KSS-317575, and KSS-318080.

    Attention LSX-DR cylinder head owners: these valve covers will fit LSX-DR heads and clear the shaft mounted valvetrain. The mounting bolts included with these LS covers are not compatible with the LSX-DR cylinder heads. LSX-DR owners will need to purchase a LSX-DR mounting bolt kit, Proform part no. 66330.

    Coil Brackets

    What to do with those pesky coils in such a confined space? In addition to new LS Slant-Edge valve covers, Specialty has designed an attractive way to lift your coils off your valve cover so you can see the Chevrolet emblem. A unique rail mounting system attaches to the threaded holes on the valve cover, and the individual coils attach to the rail so they can be mounted in multiple positions. All necessary hardware included.

    These are made ONLY to fit Proform Slant Edge LS covers!

    MSD Wires

    This set is longer than stock for use with the Proform Coil Relocation Brackets, and include protective heat sleeves preinstalled to keep your wires safe from exhaust heat.

    Spark plug wires are one of the most important pieces of the ignition system. You can have the best ignition control and coil possible (and with MSD, you will), but if the plug wires aren’t up to snuff, all the energy will just be wasted.

    Not only do plug wires need to carry extremely high voltages, but they have to do it in a harsh environment. Wires must be able to handle extreme heat, abrasion, and even getting whipped around from racing speeds. Also, the crimps and connections must be secure and live up to being pulled off in the pits during tune-up sessions.